What is Dream About Sports?

Our Vision


  • Is to help children who want to pursue their career in sports by provide necessary resources to the parents in raising a champion.


How it Started


I am Sreekar Mothukuri working as an IT consultant. I founded DAS from my heart, with the issues I faced growing up wanted to be a cricketer. I could not become a cricketer due to lack of proper knowledge and exposure. I believe every person who has an athletic dream with proper guidance, knowledge, exposure and support at the right time will help athlete reach their full potential.


Let’s take an example of education, if you need guidance in selecting a good school or need guidance in getting good marks in TOEFL or GRE entrance exams, even a next door neighbor can guide you in the right direction or there are many consultancies which can help you with all the information. But in sports, there is no platform to help aspiring players and parents who want to raise champions in sports. 



What challenges are we going to solve


1) Many parents do not have sports background and their kids are passionate about sports. Parents want to help their kids in reaching their dreams, but due to lack of proper knowledge and exposure, they are making some wrong choices. They are having hard time understanding what they are doing is right or wrong. some examples are : what is the right age to get their kid started in sports, how long they need to make their kid practice on a daily basis, how to find a right coach, how to deal after a tough loss, how to deal with financials, how to deal with injuries and understanding nutrition etc.  


Parents who are raising their kids in sports have lot of concerns like, will my kid be able to make it big, what happens if he cannot make it big, is it really worth the time and money as the people around them talk lot of negativity. So they stop interacting with other parents around them and go through all the concerns within themselves. At Dream about sports, we provide interviews of parents who have already travelled this path and produced champions for India. These interviews will help the parent to make right choices.


b) We also want parents to understand the following point. We see parents keep pushing their children to fulfill their own dreams rather than their child's dream. We feel as a parent, you must only guide and direct your child. Only in this way you are able to help your child realize his or her own potential and that really is what being a champion is: Realizing your potential. Without child’s passion, excellence cannot be achieved and they get burned out and leave the sport once they enter their teens. The impact of it is broken relationships between parents and children, child feel lonely and may pick some bad habits.


Your job as a parent is to help your child find his/her passion. Your mission is also to make certain that his/her passion is a positive one. Otherwise, TV, video games or the street will all end up shaping and guiding your youngster’s destiny for you.