Advantages Of Playing Different Sports

It is a popular belief that you should do only one thing at a time and do it really well, instead of dividing your focus across a range of activities. However, of late, studies have proved that playing different sports actually helps you to develop overall  Physical, technical and tactical skills which are required in your main sport.

Many sports people played multiple sports during their early years. For example : Roger Federer has played Badminton, Table tennis, Soccer and Squash when he was growing up which helped him in becoming the Tennis champion that he is now. Similarly, Sachin Tendulkar has a fascination for Tennis, Table tennis, and Badminton. Sourav Ganguly and MS Dhoni have a fascination for football. John Isner is well known to take a fascination to Basketball. Ab De Villiers  has played 5-6 different sports growing up which has helped him to become “Mr. 360” known for the range of cricket shots he plays.

There are a lot of advantages of playing different sports, as long as you don’t let that affect your core passion.



It improves your overall skills

Different sports focus on different skills. For example, table tennis is more about hand-eye coordination. Similarly, soccer is about stamina and aggression, while goalkeeping in soccer is about anticipation and flexibility, and, Golf is about accuracy and patience.

When you play different sports, it adds to your skills, which you can use in the core game that you play.

Reduces the risk of overuse injuries

Each sport puts more strain on certain muscles than others.  In tennis, it is usually the shoulders and the knees that come in for a heavy workout. Similarly, as a bowler in cricket, shoulders, back and knees come under a lot of strain.

When you keep playing one sport day in and day out, it takes a toll on overused muscles. That results in weakening of muscles and ultimately causes repetitive injuries. However, you can reduce the risk of injuries by participating in different types of games.

Each sports has it own rules and it’s own set of challenges. By playing multiple sports, the kids develop decision making and problem solving skills.

If a child starts playing only one sport from a very young age, there is a high chance that he may burn out and quits sports.

As a parent, you began to invest everything in your child’s sport career from a young age (like sacrificing your social life, child’s education) which leads you to set high expectations from your child.  You will get disappointed when your child loses a match or miss a day of practice etc. To avoid these kind of situations, it is important to let the child participate in multi sports till the age of 13 or 14, after that let it come from the child which sports they wants to make a career in.

To read about more benefits of playing different sports, please refer to the below link.

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