“WHO’S THE BEST COACH FOR MY CHILD?” A lot of parents just take their child to a coach or a teacher who is conveniently located in their area but they don’t do any proper research about the coach or their training methods. Let’s assume you are buying a car or a house or joining your child in a school, you would surely spend ... More

Idolizing Sports Icons

Often, we tend to pick our idols from an early age on wards and look up to them. For kids who are inclined in sports, their idols are almost always their favorite athletes from the sports they play. For instance, a kid who wants to become a cricketer might have had Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli as their idol. Similarly, someone who is ... More

Advantages Of Playing Different Sports

It is a popular belief that you should do only one thing at a time and do it really well, instead of dividing your focus across a range of activities. However, of late, studies have proved that playing different sports actually helps you to develop overall  Physical, technical and tactical skills which are required in your main sport. M... More

Current Generation Issues

Gone are the days people walked as a means of transport. Now we are in a generation where we walk to and from the cars and exercise is measured by counting steps using fitness bands. Children also tends to do the same like walking from their bedrooms to the couch for television viewing or to play video games. Problems parents are ... More

Parents Role in Raising a Champion in sports

  Mary Marinovich was programming his son,Todd, to become a football quarterback since the time he was in the crib. The result was that Todd grew up to a star quarterback in high school and at USC and was even in the NFL. And then the moonshot exploded. Todd quit after two NFL seasons because it was not his dream. It was not his ... More

Importance of Sports

Kids are often discouraged from participating in sports and as a matter of fact, the mounting academic pressures and a race to secure a bright future,  most parents insist their kids to focus on studies and refrain them from playing outdoors. However, it is a misconception that sports interfere with academics. On the contrary, it actually ... More