Current Generation Issues

Gone are the days people walked as a means of transport. Now we are in a generation where we walk to and from the cars and exercise is measured by counting steps using fitness bands. Children also tends to do the same like walking from their bedrooms to the couch for television viewing or to play video games.

Problems parents are facing while raising their kids

Minimal outdoor activity:

  • Electronic age eliminated children’s need to play outdoor games. 90% of the kids spend their growing up phase on IPAD’s, tablets and smart phones.
Poor food habits:
  • Kids these days are eating lot of junk food instead of healthy food  and becoming obese, lazy and inactive.



Importance of Sports
Physical benefits
  • Improves stamina and overall fitness levels.
  • Sports help cut down the long term risk of diseases such as arthritis, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Social benefits
  • Group sports improve team play spirit in children.
  • Individual sports  promote learning social norms of the sport –  respecting the opponent, respecting umpires etc.
  • Overall social skills of the child will improve significantly.
Problem solving skills
  • Sports help the kids to develop the ability to think on their feet.
  • Increases creative problem solving skills as they respond to special situations.
  • Overall personality of the child improves leading to a healthy personal and professional life.

Dealing with stress and failure

  • Sports helps you deal with academic and peer pressure.
  • Playing Individual sports cultivates responsibilities.
  • Team sports improves team management and team work.
  • Kids develop a better mechanism for dealing with stress, which internally helps them with their academics.

Stay away from bad habits

  • Kids who show active participation in sports are also seen to be less vulnerable to teen fads such as drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

How playing sports helped “CEO” of Microsoft 

Not everyone who play sports make it big and represent country, playing sports helps in healthy lifestyle.

Kiran bedi on Sports.

Aamir Khan on Importance of Sports.

Join the fight !!! 

No to Junk food and Video games. Encourage play and healthy eating habits.

Play Sports

“Just play.

Have fun.

Enjoy the game”  – Michael Jordan.


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