Idolizing Sports Icons

Often, we tend to pick our idols from an early age on wards and look up to them. For kids who are inclined in sports, their idols are almost always their favorite athletes from the sports they play. For instance, a kid who wants to become a cricketer might have had Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli as their idol.

Similarly, someone who is into football might have Ronaldo or Messi as their idol. We all have our favorite athletes we look up to. They motivate us and inspire us to do better. However, idolizing sports icons is just another coin with two sides to it- there is the good and there is the bad.

Consequences of idolizing sports icons

As a kid with dreams of becoming the next sporting icon, it is important to stay motivated and focused. Idolizing sports icons gives most kids that motivation and focus they need to reach the highest level. When they see Tendulkar make new records, and reach new heights, they dream of doing that themselves someday.

That dream of achieving something big in the future motivates them to give that extra little effort in the training session and on the field.

However sometimes, idolizing sports icons can have its repercussions as well. Often, kids strive to play like their favorite athletes. However, when they fail to achieve their level of precision and control over the game even after repeated attempts, they can quickly become dejected.

Thus, what was to prove their source of motivation quickly changes to their source of dejection and failure. Here’s a famous quote form Messi

” It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success”

Moreover, all famous sports person have different ways of expressing their success and failures.  As a result the kids might also try to imitate their favorite idols behavior patterns in real life.

And that’s where the role of a parent and a coach comes into play. It is important for them to teach the kids that it takes lot of hard work and dedication to reach the level that we watch on TV. It is one thing to look up to the talent of a top athlete, and it is quite another to try to imitate them.

In fact, it never does any good when young kids try to imitate their favorite superstars. We are unique in our own way with our own limitations and advantages. Even Sachin Tendulkar has a chink in his armor, and the same goes for Lionel Messi and other sporting greats. However, they were able to achieve success in their chosen field because they were able to play within their limitations while enhancing their strengths.

Thus, it is important to teach rising sports stars about what to take and what to reject from their favorite sporting icon which will eventually help them to become a better sports person in future.

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