Importance of Sports

Kids are often discouraged from participating in sports and as a matter of fact, the mounting academic pressures and a race to secure a bright future,  most parents insist their kids to focus on studies and refrain them from playing outdoors.

However, it is a misconception that sports interfere with academics. On the contrary, it actually helps in aiding the overall growth of a child. Most doctors around the world recommend an active lifestyle for  physical, social and emotional well being.


Social benefits

Sports have social benefits as well.When the kids play in teams, they have to understand their roles and coordinate with other team members to give their best as a team. Even in individual sports such as tennis, they have to abide by the social norms of the sport, such as respecting the opponent and umpires. Significant improvement has been seen especially in introvert kids when they were encouraged to play sports.

Dealing with stress and failure

There is a huge amount of academic pressure in today’s education system. Everyone is striving for the top spot and the expectations of parents just add to the pressure. By playing competitive sports, a child has to go through different situations that might be stressful but sports also teaches them how to deal with it effectively.

The same goes for failures as well. Failures are a part of a sportsperson’s life. ‘You win some and you lose some’. However, the key is to put the past behind you and focus on the current game. In the process of playing sports, the child also develops sportsmanship and learns how to come back after a loss.

To do well in sports, the child has to prepare himself in several aspects like technical, tactical, physical and mental skills (such as handling success and failures, pressure, adapting to the situations, overcome anxiety) which are also the basic requirements for any person to do well not only education wise but also life in general.

Better self awareness

To succeed in sports, a child needs to know their strengths and weaknesses. Playing by strengths and improving weaknesses is what gets them to the top.

However, we are living in a “Me-too” culture, where every kid wants to be like that one ‘cool kid’ in the class. That’s called peer pressure and which can take a toll on a child’s mental health. When a child is not engage in any activity such as sports, dance or music, they are more vulnerable to get caught up in trends which may include negative things(drugs).


Creative problem solving skills

In sports, kids often encounter situations which involve thinking on their feet. When they constantly come with solutions on the spot, they understandably develop creative problem solving skills. Creative problem solving skills come in handy in every sphere of life, whether personal or professional.


With all that said, it is important that you encourage your kid to play a game that he likes. Don’t push them to play something just because a neighborhood kid is doing so well in it. Expose your kid to different activities and let them choose their passion.

Please watch the video below from Dr. Shree Advani on Sport and Personality Development.


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