Parents Role in Raising a Champion in sports


Mary Marinovich was programming his son,Todd, to become a football quarterback since the time he was in the crib. The result was that Todd grew up to a star quarterback in high school and at USC and was even in the NFL. And then the moonshot exploded. Todd quit after two NFL seasons because it was not his dream. It was not his passion. He was simply being forced to follow his fathers dream. Ultimately the result was a nightmare that included drugs and jail.

Such stories of burned out young athletes are far too common. The mistake that the parents make is attempting to realize their own dreams by pushing them on their children. Instead of motivating, they demand the kids “Go practice! Go workout!” This method may work in the beginning but it doesn’t work in the long run.

If you want your son to be a tennis player then you have to take him to a big  tennis game where he enjoys it thoroughly. That’s how you hook him with fun.

Too many schools have cut their music programs, physical education classes. By doing so, They have taken away the very things that encourages the kids go to school.  You , as a parent, must give your child something to be excited about.

Your job as a parent is to help your child find his/her passion. Your mission is also to make certain that his/her passion is a positive one. Otherwise, TV, video games or the street will all end up shaping and guiding your youngster’s destiny for you.

Make it fun.

Everyone wants to have fun.

Kids have fun doing “ing” things. By “ing” things we mean : Smiling, Laughing, playing, dancing, running, jumping, diving etc.

If kids are having fun, they spend lots of hours doing it. Time flies by when they are doing it.

One of the Pivotal reason why kids drop out of sports? “It was not Fun”.

People learn best, learn faster and retain more when they have fun.

If you make it fun to hit a tennis ball  by putting up a target of cans to knock down or offering cookies as a prize of hitting 5 shots over the net in a row, the child will learn faster.

When you take your kids to watch a great Tennis game, make sure the whole experience is filled with fun including the time you spent travelling  in the car before, during and after the match.

Even the pro superstars “wanna have fun”. After his first game back in the NBA after coming out of retirement, Lakers super star magic Johnson said ” it was great and it was so much fun”

Chicago cubs superstar Ryne Sandberg who, despite still being a great player, walked away from baseball a few years ago with millions of dollars remaining on his contract.  When asked why he was retiring,  he replied “I just wasn’t having fun playing baseball anymore”

Kids should look forward to practice every day because it is the best part of their day filled with fun.

Pissarro taught his children to paint and they taught their children, thirteen descendants, became artists. He taught his children how to enjoy painting. It did not matter it was good or bad, the point was to learn and enjoy.

Lots of Coaches have tremendous amount of technical knowledge, but they can’t impart it in a fun way.

Parents must find coaches and mentors who have the flexibility and imagination to take a unique approach and still maintain discipline.

Without Fun, the “Crazy Passion” will not develop. And without “Crazy Passion”, there can be no champion.


No TV….No Video Games !!!!

“I realize now how precious each day is” – Basketball coach Jim Valvano, as he was dying of cancer.

In a recent Pediatrics magazine indicates that frequent TV watching by infants and toddlers may shorten their attention span by age seven. The stimulation of watching TV can actually “rewire” the brain of young children because of the quickly moving images on the screen. This in turn can affect the ability of these children to concentrate during their very important early school years as they are often more impulsive and restless than other children.

And a recent survey says American youth under age 18 watch an average of 6.2 hours of television a day, that’s more than 40 hours a week. Just the commercial time alone adds up to 10 hours in a week.

I guarantee you that in the time spent just watching commercials, a kid could learn to become a terrific cricketer or tennis player. Pick any passion and the child could develop excellence in it.

If there was something really good on, like a world cup final or Wimbledon final etc, it is worth watching.

The cold truth is that video and computer games will rob your child of a chance to reach his or her true potential.

Indeed, numerous studies have shown that playing video games is addictive.

Symptoms of computer or video game addiction in children include:

  • Most of non-school hours are spent playing video games.
  • Falling asleep in school.
  • Not keeping up with assignments
  • Worsening grades
  • Lying about computer or video game use.
  • Dropping out of other social groups, clubs and sports.

Expose your children to all the sports and give them an opportunity to pick their interest. We’re here to help you along your journey and as we say “You dream…. we drive!”

Note : We are one among you who are inspired by one of those great authors Wayne Bryan who brings all the encouragement to parents with his great thoughts on “How to raise a child to be a champion”. We indeed refer to his book on all the key points and we feel this book is a must have for every parent who wants to see a champion in their child.

Link to get this book:

A must watch interview for parents who are working on raising a champion.


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