Text Testimonial

Dear Sir
National School games – Bronze Medal achieved on purely your sponsorship sir. Without your sponsorship may be he can’t achieve this result sir. The sponsorship very helpful sir.

- Suryanarayana – Badminton Parent    

Dear Team Dream About Sports:

Firstly many thanks for making such interviews available to parents as not everyone get a chance to talk to such people.

It was very helpful and your questions are just perfect and your questions made sure all parents can relate to them easily.

Hats off to you for this great platform.

All I can say is you are continuously thinking to improve Dream About Sports and make no mistake you are making this Parents, Players, Coaches connect on DAS consistently.

I can never forget this support.

I am a parent and a coach as well. I have sports background and not Tennis background. This interview is like a perfect gift for me. I will buy the book written by Mr. Bryan and sure will have many take aways as well.

- Shyam – Tennis Parent    

Hi Sreekar,

Thank you so much for sending the link. It is enlightening to listen to senior Bryan. I am thoroughly pleased by your website (dreamaboutsports) and was astonished to see that you started it. You didn’t even mention the last time we met at little mo. All of you have done an excellent work. I have been checking all the content of the site since I got your mail. Simply superb work!!!.


- Ravi - Tennis Parent    

Thank you for the reference site you had given, it does give us a lot of information especially from a champions dad cause we all dream to have one from our house on that platform of being a champion. Having my child playing cricket, we shall definitely implement his thoughts.

Thank you.

- Haritha - Cricket Parent    