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Nowadays we see a lot of parents showing interest towards sports and wanting their child to be a sporting champion. Thanks to the Indian players at International level whose recent performances have inspired parents and little ones to take up sports.

But many parents do not have sports background and their children are very passionate about the game.  Due to lack of proper knowledge and guidance, parents are making many wrong choices. They are having hard time understanding what they are doing is right or wrong. some examples are : What is the right age to get their kid started in sports, how to balance sports and education, how long they need to make their kid practice on a daily basis, how to find a right coach, how to deal after a tough loss, how to deal with financials, how to deal with injuries and so on.

Let’s take an example of education system, if you need guidance in selecting a good school for your child or need guidance in getting good marks in TOEFL or GRE entrance exams, even a next door neighbor can guide you in the right direction or there are many consultancies which can help you with all the information. But in sports, there is no such book to help parents with the information required in raising a champion.

What’s inside the book?

1st Coach” contains interviews of champion parents, coaches, nutritionists, psychologists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports medicine doctors and physio’s. Their wealth of knowledge and perspectives will help the parents make the right decisions in their child journey to stardom.

1) The unsung heroes: Behind every successful sports star there is a parent

This section contains stories of champion parents and their journey in raising a sports champion. They will be talking about their child, the environment the child grew up in, how the child has developed an interest towards sports, how they were able to find a balance in both education and sports and how they overcame the odds to fulfill their child’s dream etc.

2) Coaches Interviews: Coaches who shaped Sports Champions

This section contains stories of champion coaches and their journey in shaping a sports champion. They will give us more insight on how they identify a kid who makes them believe that he/she will make it to the top one day and the different coaching philosophies they apply to get the best out of these kids.

3) Schools which ignited greatness

Schools play a very important role in helping a child identify his/her passion and later support the child pursue their dreams by providing support to balance sports and education.

This section contains list of Top 50 schools in each state which support sports goal oriented students.

4) Support team

In this section we cover perspectives of Nutritionists, psychologists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports medicine doctors, physio’s who all play a role in raising a champion.



I am on a mission to help parents of future sports stars with the knowledge required in raising a sports champion – Sreekar Mothukuri 


Sreekar Mothukuri is the author of the book “1st CoachKnow what it takes to raise a sports champion”.

He is a “learner and do-er” and believes there is always a next level, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Sreekar is an Engineer by profession and worked in the corporate world for 14 years as an SAP consultant, of which he spent the last 10 years in United States. He left his lucrative job to pursue his passion towards sports. Growing up he always wanted to be a cricket player; but coming from a small place and due to lack of proper knowledge and guidance, he could not pursue his passion. He now understands how important it is to have them to make a career in sports.

He started Dream About Sports ( in 2013 to help parents with the information required to raise a champion. He has interviewed many top players, champion parents, coaches, nutritionists and sports psychologists; all of who play an important role in a child’s sports career. He is very happy supporting many parents and players in India and would like to reach out to different parts of the world with this book.

In his journey, he also realized that current generation kids are not involved in physical activity nor are they socializing with other kids. He says they are either glued to screens or struggling with poor food habits which in turn are leading to obesity. India is becoming the capital for diabetes and obesity.

He believes kids are the future and they are the ones who are going to change the world; but we are the present, we are in control and we need to take action now to make this difference.

To address this issue, he began researching about the best kids programs in different parts of the world. For the past two years, he travelled to various US and European cities where he learnt from the best coaches, attended conferences and training sessions from top trainers across the world. He has been certified on various programs and coaching courses which all laid a path for him to come up with his own curriculum. The main focus of his program is to build confidence within the child and also make them fall in love with physical activity while having fun.

After 2 years of extensive research, in 2016, he started “It’s PlayTime Fun and Fitness” program for 3-8 year old kids in schools. He currently serves over 2000 plus kids in pre-schools and international schools. He is looking forward to make an impact on one million kids in the next five years.