A lot of parents just take their child to a coach or a teacher who is conveniently located in their area but they don’t do any proper research about the coach or their training methods.

Let’s assume you are buying a car or a house or joining your child in a school, you would surely spend some time checking around with your friends, family members and neighbors. Why don’t we do the same when searching for someone to help your child along their road to their dreams?

You must phone around and ask others to help you find the coach or instructor who makes it fun and can motivate and inspire your child.

As parents we need to understand the context before enrolling the child in the academy:

  • Whom do we have at hand?
  • Where they are coming from?
  • What are your expectations as parents from the coaching? (so that the coach can tell if their academy can provide it or not)

If we have a 5 year old and he is coming from an environment where he has never played before, then you need to find a coach who have a lot of kids in his academy and the main focus of the coach is to make it real fun. The games have to be age appropriate to build the confidence and intrinsic motivation in the child.

Here, technically sound coaches are not required. You can do the research asking the questions like

Which coach and program has the most kids in it? Where’s the action? Who is likeable? Who has the charisma?

  • Meet the coach.
  • Ask the coach what he does to make a child have fun while learning.
  • Take couple of lessons and see if your child does indeed have fun.

The litmus test comes after the first lesson: ask your child “if they want to go back again”.

Don’t focus too much in the beginning about finding a coach who is technically excellent. He must, more importantly, have a positive personality and a teaching method that connects with kids in a fun way.

If your child progresses beyond the technical skills of a certain coach, don’t worry! A good coach will help you find a new one to continue his journey with your child.  But be sure to thank and appreciate that First coach because no matter what happens down the road, the most important coach of all is the one who made things fun and helped start and stoke the fire of your child’s passion.

If we have a 15 year old child who has previous experience of playing the sport, has participated in tournaments and now  wish to take their game to the next level, then you need to find a coach who is technically competent that can help your child achieve his/her dream.

Therefore, it’s very important to understand the context before you choose a coach for your child.



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